Jodie Whittaker, Yael Stone and Nicole da Silva team up for new show

British actor Jodie Whittaker will join forces with Yael Stone and Nicole da Silva for a new TV series being shot in Australia.

It’s Whittaker’s first major role since leaving Doctor Who last year. Stone is best known for playing Lorna Morello on the US series Orange is the New Black, while da Silva has many queer fans thanks to her portrayal of Franky Doyle in Wentworth. 

The three actors will appear in One Night a new drama from Paramount Plus.  The show follows three women named Simone (Nicole da Silva), Hat (Yael Stone) and Tess (Whittaker), whose friendship was destroyed by a traumatic event that took place two decades years ago.

In the present, Simone is finally achieving her long-held dream of becoming an author, but the story of her first novel is directly inspired by what happened to her and her estranged friends that fateful night.

As the book becomes a breakout success, Hat and Tess are understandably shocked to see Simone capitalising on an incident that has haunted them for decades.

The series in being shot in New South Wales with locations ranging from Sydney to the coastal areas of Illawarra.

Other actors who will appear in the series include George Mason, Erroll Shand, Tina Bursill, Damien Strouthos, Jillian Nguyn and acting legend Noni Hazelhurst.

OIP Staff

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