Joey Graceffa is a Handsome Prince in Coming Out Video

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American YouTube star Joey Graceffa has released a new music video for his song ‘Don’t Wait’, in which he plays a young man who slips in and out of a fantasy world in which he is a prince overcoming bullies, family issues and his own inner demons.

In the video Graceffa also rescues another handsome prince who turns out to be his love interest. After the song ends, Graceffa says the video is really special and means a lot to him.

“I really just hope that it will be able to help some of you guys out there going through similar struggles that I went through and do some good in the world.” he says.

Since releasing the video, the YouTuber has been flooded with support on social media. He tweeted a statement of gratitude yesterday:

He also released a follow-up video reflecting on the response to ‘Don’t Wait’ entitled ‘YES I’M GAY’. Graceffa reportedly expounds on the topic in his book ‘In Real Life’, which is being released on May 19th.

Graceffa joins a number of out LGBT YouTubers who are taking their ambitions beyond the internet. Much loved comedy chef Hannah Hart of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ has released a cookbook and toured around the world and Perth’s own Troye Sivan released an album to wide critical acclaim and was named one of Time Magazine’s 25 most influential teens of 2014. Tyler Oakley, one of YouTube’s best known personalities who we interviewed back in 2013, has interviewed a number of influential people including Michelle Obama and is bringing his live show, ‘Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party’ to Perth later this year.

Check out the video for Joey Graceffa’s single ‘Don’t Wait’ below.

Sophie Joske

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