John Carey to head taskforce into Perth Cultural Centre

Labor MP John Carey will head a new taskforce charged with revitalising Perth’s Cultural Centre precinct.

The new taskforce formed by the state government will begin linking “short- term maintenance and activation strategies” in preparation for the new WA Museum opening in late 2020.

The Taskforce will also consider opportunities for long-term improvements, and liaise with the community and other key stakeholders to ensure a unified future vision of the Perth Cultural Centre.

In announcing the new initiative the government said the taskforce would allow for a co-ordinated approach that is connected to government’s priorities and enable the Perth Cultural Centre to become a tourism hub, including being a focal point for the recognition of Aboriginal culture.

The Taskforce will consist of high-level representation from: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and its portfolio agencies; Department of Premier and Cabinet; Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage; Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation; Tourism WA, Development WA and the City of Perth.

John Carey said the precinct had great potential.

“Cultural tourism is the fastest growing tourism sector and the Perth Cultural Centre has enormous potential to capture more of this.

“As the Member for Perth I have a passion to see an activated Perth Cultural Centre.” Carey said.

“I am honoured to be able to contribute to a new vision for the Perth Cultural Centre in my role as Taskforce Chair.”

Arts Minister David Templeman said it was important there was a unified vision for the space.

 “The Perth Cultural Centre forms the heart of the city so it’s important there is a unified vision for the space.” Templeman said.  “The State Government is working to create a space that welcomes tourists and brings together the local community.”

Cultural groups recently raised concern when it was revealed there was a plan to move the large screen in the centre of the space and replace it with an advertising billboard.

John Carey has been a long standing advocate of community revitalisation projects and has helped set up many community groups who focus on improving local spaces. He previously held a massive seminar at the Perth Convention and Expo Centre to establish what residents needed to improve the city’s liveability.

OIP Staff