Labor criticise Milo Yiannopoulos visa decision

The opposition have criticised the government’s decision to allow controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos a visa to enter Australia for a speaking tour.

Labor’s Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong said the government had only changed its stance after being pressured by right wing commentators.

“I think we can decide who we want to come to Australia.” Senator Wong said.

“This is the bloke who has condoned relationships between younger boys and older men. He’s a bloke who has described feminism as a cancer and Islam as AIDS. Do we really want these ideas given this sort of coverage in Australia?”

Senator Wong said allowing Mr Yiannopoulos in was not good for national cohesion.

Since news broke earlier in the week that the government would not allow Yiannopoulos into the country, right wing commentators have blasted the government over the decision. Many Sky News presenters criticised the decision, alongside columnists in the Murdoch press, but prominent left wing commentators also questioned the decision including Paul Barry the host of ABC’s Media Watch.

The government has also faced pressure from its own MPs over the decision. Victorians James Paterson and Tim Wilson, and Queensland’s Senator Amanda Stoker have been vocal supporters of Yiannopoulos being allowed to tour. Pauline Hanson has also voiced her support.

Yesterday it was reported that Immigration Minister David Coleman would intervene and overrule the advice from the Department of Immigration – allowing Yiannopoulos to tour.

Labor’s Immigration spokesperson Shayne Neumann said the government were outsourcing immigration decisions to One Nation.

Neumann said there were clearly many reasons why Yiannopoulos would not meet the required character test to enter Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said allowing Yiannopoulos to enter the country showed that Australia recognises the importance of free speech.

“Free speech is important in Australia, but people have to be responsible for what they say.” the Prime Minister told reporters on Saturday.

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