Labor set to form majority government with 76 seats

The Labor party are on track to form a majority government with at least 76 seats. The party looks set to win the seat of Macnamara in suburban Melbourne, giving it a majority in the 151 seat lower house.

The latest counting update from the Australian Electoral Commission shows Labor’s Josh Burns is well ahead and likely to be returned, the party also has growing confidence about picking up the New South Wales seat of Gilmore.

In Macnamara, Josh Burns was in a tight race against challengers Steph Hodgins-May from the The Greens, and the Liberals’ Colleen Harkin. Counting on Monday night saw Burns taking the lead based on preferences from minor parties including One Nation and United Australia.

The party is also hoping to retain the seat of Gilmore in rural New South Wales where where Labor MP Fiona Phillips leads the Liberals Andrew Cnstance by just 150 votes.

Today the Labor caucus will meet to determine which members will be appointed to the Ministry, and it’s expected the new government will be fully sworn in by the Governor-General on Wednesday. Last week Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Prime Minister and four key ministers were also given positions.

While it’s expected that the majority of the ministerial positions will align with the shadow minister positions people held before the election, there will be a few new faces too.

Western Australian MP Anne Ally is tipped to be given a Ministerial position. The member for Cowan has an academic and counter terrorism expert before joining parliament. Queensland MP Anika Wells and Victorian Claire O’Neil are also tipped for promotion.

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