LGBTIQ+ advocates ask WA parties to outline policies ahead of 2021 election

LGBTIQ+ advocacy group just.equal have written to all party leaders in Western Australia ahead of the state election asking them to support six key law and policy reforms.

WA spokesperson, Brian Greig, said just.equal was focusing its leaders survey on particular LGBTIQ+ issues where WA had fallen behind other states.

“With the election just 11 weeks away, it’s important to get all political parties on the record well before polling day, and to seek commitments for reforms impacting LGBTIQ+ people,” Greig said.

Greig said surveys had been sent to the Premier, Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Nationals, The Greens, One Nation, Liberal Democrats, Western Australia Party, and the Shooters Fishers and Farmers.

The particular areas just.equal says WA has fallen behind others states include conversion practices, discrimination exemptions, anti-vilification, transgender reform, intersex reform, and inclusive education.

“just.equal’s survey asks each party leader to ban conversion practices; remove special religious exemptions for faith schools and church-run community services, introduce anti-vilification laws for hate speech and support renewed funding for WA’s Inclusive Education program.

“It also calls on party leaders to allow people who are transgender to change their gender ID on documentation without the need for medical intervention, and to include trans folk under the protections of the Equal Opportunity Act.

“Party leaders are also asked to ban non-consensual, medically-unnecessary surgical intervention on intersex children and to include people who are intersex under the protections of Equal Opportunity Act,” Greig said.

“Our six core questions are nuanced into a range of 12 sub-questions to try and prevent political parties giving general, vague or evasive answers. We are looking for clear, precise answers to direct questions and asking all parties to commit to supporting reforms after the election.”

Greig said all survey responses would be uploaded to the just.equal website as they came in, but he also encouraged LGBTIQ+ voters and their allies to get directly involved in the election campaign at local level.

“I urge voters in every electorate to contact their local candidates in the coming election and ask them their policy position on LGBTIQ+ issues.”

Greig said the likely return of the McGowan Government in March next year meant there were “no excuses” for its reluctance and timidity on LGBTIQ+ issues to continue through the next term of parliament.

“The 2021 election campaign will kick off in the New Year and this is our community’s opportunity to raise core issues, seek public commitments and create a mandate for overdue legislative reform.”

The Western Australian election will be held on Saturday 13th March 2021.

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