Liberal Candidate’s Email Dispute


Darryl Moore

A startling email correspondence between Liberal Candidate for Perth, Darryl Moore, and one of his potential constituents show that Moore is misinforming voters and then chastising them for sharing his comments.

The e-mail correspondence began when voter, Jeff Hughes, contacted Moore to ask his stance on same-sex marriage.

Moore responded by stating he was opposed to a change in the Marriage Act but argued that this was irrelevant as neither major party was supportive, stating,

“In any case, both major political parties do not support any changes to the Act, and therefore I cannot see how you can use my answer to differentiate between Liberal and Labor and where to direct your vote.

“I would encourage you to look at the disasterous [SIC] economic record of this Labor Govt, and the chaos and confusion over what they stand for.

“You could count on me to vote as one of the 108 majority that rejected the previous proposal in Sept 2012”.

In response to this email, the voter corrected Moore, explaining that the Labor party has been in public support of same-sex marriage since 2011; Hughes also pointed out that many Liberal members are in support of marriage equality, but did not cross the floor during the 2012 vote. It was at this point that the voter CC’d OUTinPerth into the email.

Retorting to this email, Moore wrote,

“I did not give you permission to cc your private question to me, and my private response to you, to any other person and/or organisation.  You have disrespected me by doing that, and for that, you have now zero chance of gaining my respect again.

“Voting to retain this incompetent Labor Govt, the very worst in Australia’s history, is your choice.  Good luck with that”.

Moore declined to give comment to OUTinPerth regarding the emails by telephone and requested all queries to be sent by email. Moore did not respond to OUTinPerth’s questions before our deadline.

Nadine Walker

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