Liberal MP Trevor Evans labels Drag Story Time protesters ‘ratbags’

Liberal MP Trevor Evans has labeled the protestors who disturbed young children at a Rainbow Family Drag Story Time event as ratbags who wouldn’t know Liberal values if they fell over them.

On Sunday members of the Queensland University Liberal and National Club staged a protest of a children’s story time event being held at the Brisbane Library.

Opposed to Drag Queens reading stories the group congregated outside the event and chanted loudly.  Parents have described it as a “disturbing and distressing” experience for the young children inside the event.

On their Facebook page the group  allied against the children’s gathering, describing it as “moral filth” and an “attack on conservative values.”

Trevor Evans said the group has been already been expelled from the party prior to this event and are not endorsed or recognised by the National Liberal Party.

“The ratbags are not members of the LNP but they claimed to be.” the member for Brisbane said.

“The only LNP connection is that it is an LNP administration in Brisbane City Hall which has been running the Drag Queen Story Time events!

“Last year the LNP resolved to take legal action to stop these ratbags from claiming to be affiliated with the LNP after some other silly stunts.

“When I was elected in 2016, it was the first time Queensland had an openly-gay MP. At the recent election, I was joined by another – Angie Bell MP, the LNP member for Moncrieff.

“I’m sure I speak for Angie too when I say that I strongly support the LNP administration in Brisbane City Council for holding these events celebrating Brisbane’s diverse community.” Evans said. “The ratbags who protested the event wouldn’t know liberal values if they fell over them.”

The Liberal National Party of Queensland says the group has already been disaffiliated and have already been asked to desist from representing themselves as being associated with the party.

“Late last year, the LNP state executive resolved to disaffiliate the UQ LNP club and asked the club to desist from using the party’s name and colours.” a spokesperson told Channel 7.

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