Living Proud’s Queer & Accessible Project set to continue

Living Proud has announced that their Queer & Accessible (Q&A) Project is set to continue due to renewed funding from the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.

The announcement comes on International Day of People with Disability, a day which is observed worldwide to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability.

The Q&A Project connects LGBTIQ+ people with disability to the queer community by supporting queer groups and organisations to plan and promote accessible and inclusive events and activities.

Since the project began in 2021, the Queer & Accessible Project Team have assisted more than 40 queer groups and organisations with practical resources, training, financial assistance and a personalised information service.

Speaking about the importance of providing accessible queer spaces, Jack Meakins, Q&A Project Officer said all community groups could help improve accessibility.

“LGBTIQ+ people with disability experience exclusion in both queer and disability spaces. Don’t underestimate the big difference your group can make by taking small steps at the planning stage of your queer event.”

The Queer & Accessible Project is working to increase visibility of LGBTIQ+ people with disability and supporting community leaders to plan for participation. “We risk perpetuating a cycle of exclusion if people with disability are not represented in the queer community.” said Living Proud Chairperson, Barry Cosker.”

Throughout PrideFEST 2022, hundreds of LGBTIQ+ people with disability were supported to participate in the many queer festivities, as a result of the support provided by the Q&A Project.

“Living Proud applaud the bold leadership shown by queer groups and organisations such as Pride WA who introduced access measures at Pride Fairday and Parade.” Cosker said.

The Q&A Project is led by a team of queer people with disability called the Experts by Experience (EbE). To accompany todays exciting announcement, the EbE are launching the first of a series of videos featuring their very own personal stories.

Stroke Survivor and member of the EbE, Andrew said he wanted people to think about ableist behaviours.

“I wanted to share my story with the queer community to increase understanding of disability and challenge some common ableist thinking and behaviours. I’m proud to be a part of the EbE which is breaking down barriers and celebrating the queer communities’ true diversity.”

Living Proud said they were thrilled by the very positive response to the Q&A Project and looking forward to working with the queer community into the future.

“We have a lot of exciting new resources and activities planned for 2023! Keep an eye on our socials and website early in the new year.” Barry Cosker said.

Read more about the project at Living Proud.

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