Local trans documentary It’s Not Just Me airing on SBS Viceland

Four Perth-based trans men feature in a local documentary set to appear on free-to-air television tonight.

It’s Not Just Me gives audiences a window into the lives of Simon, David, Logan and Max as they share their personal experiences under the guidance of director Jonathan Messer.

The film was shown in Perth at last year’s Revelation Film Festival, and some of the gang featured on our cover in June of last year.

The movie has since been well received at Brisbane’s Queer Film Festival, Mardi Gras Film Festival, Atlanta Docufest and more.

Catch the film tonight on SBS Viceland at 9:20pm and anytime on SBS On Demand, and go behind the scenes in our interview with Simon, David and director Jonathan Messer here.

Image credit:- Joel Blakeley / Goblin House Creative

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