Lockdown restrictions relaxed but your sex life might still be on hold

Western Australia has relaxed the restrictions on people meeting due to COVID-19, allowing up to ten people to gather together while maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 metres from each person, but health organisations say it’s not time to restart your casual sex life.

ACON, NSW’s leading sexuality and gender diverse and HIV health organisation has been at the forefront of providing information specifically for the LGBTI+ communities and CEO Nicholas Parkhill has said it’s still too soon to be thinking about hook-ups and your casual sex activities should still be on hiatus.

Every state has different rules on social gatherings, while WA allows 10 people to meet, in New South Wales the number is limited to two visitors to a household.

“Today, the NSW Government announced a partial easing of restrictions to allow limited home visitations. As of this Friday 1 May, two adults will be permitted to visit other households. Social distancing (or physical distancing) will still need to be observed during visits, which includes avoiding physical contact with others.

“In light of the ongoing advice around the need for physical distancing, ACON’s recommendation on casual sex remains unchanged. We continue to encourage our communities to take a break from casual sex for now.

“As a health organisation, ACON follows developments very closely and takes guidance from state and federal health agencies. We continue to encourage people in our communities to adhere with official advice and instructions.

“While we are still being asked to continue to observe physical distancing guidelines, being able to visit other people at home will allow us to once again come together and connect with others. We know that for many, the lockdown measures have been challenging, and home visits will help alleviate some of the anxiety, stress and sense of isolation many people have been experiencing.

Parkhill said it is important people maintain the social distancing practices for the benefit of everyone’s health.

“During this period, it’s vital that we still practice physical distancing whether that is outside or when visiting someone else’s house. We know our communities are responsible when it comes to looking after their health and the health of others. It is because of your collective efforts that we are seeing a decline in coronavirus cases and restrictions are being eased. It’s important we stay the course and keep up the momentum.

“As we see a gradual lifting of restrictions, we encourage our communities to practice good hygiene and remind everyone that if you are sick or feeling unwell, please stay home, avoid contact with others and seek medical attention.” Parkhill said.

The WA AIDS Council has provided some suggestion on alternative’s people might want to consider to replace any ‘friends with benefits’ relationships during COVID-19.

They suggest closing down your Grindr, Scruff and Tinder accounts and considering solo fun, phone sex, and maybe just focussing on old fashion conversation.

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