Love Letters: Ant and Corgan

The opponents of marriage equality are claiming that if we have a national survey on whether or not the laws should be changed, it’s a de facto poll for a range of other unrelated issues.

We know that the call for equality is simply just recognising the love between two people, and their desire the formalise that committment before their friends and families.

As we fight for the right to be able to get married to our loved ones, we’re sharing stories of LGBTI couples, and we want you to send us your story – and we’ve already had an amazing response!

First up; meet Corgan and Ant.

Who are you?

Ant and Corgan.

How did you meet?


How long have you been a couple?

1 year and 8 months.

What’s your favourite thing about each other?

I love how Corgan puts up with my many moods, loves me for who I am and is always there for me. He’s my best friend.

What has been a big moment in your relationship?

We moved in together in on the 1st of June this year and have four beautiful ferrets we treat like our children.

Why do you want to see marriage equality in Australia?

We both want to see marriage equality in Australia as it’s a matter of acceptance. No longer being a second class citizen. Australia is meant to accept ALL people and that includes us.

How do you foresee your wedding day? Describe it.

I see a simple wedding with friends and family and both Corgan and I arguing over the music that is to be played and in what particular order!

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OIP Staff

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