MasterChef: Reece says Reynold should be forgiven for past comments

MasterChef’s Reece Hignell has shown his support for fellow contestant Reynold Poernomo, saying people need to forgive Reynold for his past homophobic comments.

Fans were shocked when it was revealed that Reynold had made a series of homophobic comments in the past describing LGBTI people as “freaks” who should be sent to a deserted island.  Reynold apologised to fans and said the comments he made when he was younger do not reflect who he is now.

Reece has shown his support, saying people need be able to learn from their past mistakes and move on.

“If you aren’t able to develop as a person, how will equality ever happen,” Hignell said in an interview with The West Australian.

“My personal belief is that if Reynold wasn’t able to change his opinion over the last six years, then how are we going to change the world.

“I trust when Reynold says he is different now. I am friends with him and know him and I believe what he said when he apologised.”

Reynold and Reece are among the eight contestants remaining in the TV cooking competition. This week Reece scored the coveted immunity spot saving him from Sunday nights elimination challenge. On Sunday night the other seven contestants will face a challenging taste test challenge to retain their spots on the show.

MasterChef returns 7:30pm on Sunday on Channel Ten.

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