Miriam Margolyes takes a road trip around the country in ‘Almost Australian’

Celebrated actor and new Australian citizen Miriam Margolyes is setting off on a 10,000-kilometre, two-month journey to discover what it means to be an Australian today.

The Harry Potter star says becoming an Australian citizen at the age of 71 was “a day of supreme happiness and real joy,” but it also made her realise how little shew knew about the place she could now call home – despite travelling here for almost four decades.

Miriam says she lives “in a silly little bubble of people who talk to me, and sound like me”, and had teamed up with the ABC to set out from the Southern Highlands of NSW to travel around the nation.

“In Australia there is a light, the sky. Life feels brighter here,” Margolyes said.

“This pulsing nation with so many complex, wondrous people. I need to know this country.”

Across the three-part series, Miriam tests her assumptions against the people she meets and ventures far out of her comfort zone to dissect myth from reality.

The result promises to be surprising, confronting, funny, unexpected and joyous as Miriam takes the pulse of Australia in 2020.

Mariam Margolyes debuts on Tuesday 19th May at 8:30pm on ABC and iView.

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