Award winning film ‘Moonlight’ censored in India

Award winning queer filmĀ Moonlight won’t make a lot of sense to audiences in India after the government’s censorship board ruled that a pivotal scene be cut from the film.

Barry Jenkins’ award winning film has been scooping up awards and gaining widespread praise for it’s powerful and understated portrayal of an African American man at three stages in his life.

Slashed from the film are two scenes between friends Chiron and Kevin, a brief scene where Kevin is seen having sex with a woman, and a subtle sexual interaction between the two teenagers.

As anyone whose seen the film will testify, without the scenes, the rest of the film won’t make much sense to viewers.

The censors have also removed all profanity from the film, creating a sanitised version of Chiron’s tough neighbourhood upbringing.

Homosexuality remains illegal in India although there is growing support for decriminalisation.

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Source: GT, DNA; Daily News and Analysis, The Reel Scroll

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