It’s a musical massacre with Jonny Woo and Le Gateau Chocolat

JONNY WOO cr LEE FAIRCLOTH smallA staple of the all-camp diet, what would Fringe World be without a little taste of musical theatre? Fringe darling Le Gateau Chocolat is heading back to Perth this year with performance partner Jonny Woo to serve up their own twist on all of the classics. From Annie to Wicked, nothing in the musical encyclopedia is safe from the twisted mits of Chocolat and Woo as they drag up all your favourite tunes from the stage.

Woo, an icon on the UK drag circuit, is a seasoned performer that has seen him entertain guests at Louis Vuitton’s 150th anniversary in Paris, MTV parties and Fashion East catwalks. We caught up with Woo for a chat as he looks to the western sky.

What ingredients do you think make for a good musical romp?

Great songs of course, fantastic dance routines and the spectacular death of at least one of the main characters.

We’re told A Night At The Musicals will Les Misérmassacre classic showtunes, so what can Perth expect?

Well, the good news is you get some great singing, but we put a ‘spin’ on some of our favourite show tunes and routines, such as my Liza meets Mickey Mouse Mein Herr lap dance.

What do you think of the current surge of live TV musicals out of the US?

I don’t have a TV so not sure what this is about but I’m glad more people can get the musical theatre bug!

Who would be cast in your dream musical?

Ute Lemper, Liza, Gene Kelly and Imelda Staunton.

Have you ever seen a musical you didn’t like?

The Bodyguard.

What Fringe acts are you looking forward to seeing in Perth?

To be honest, I haven’t even had a chance to look at the program! It’s going to be a wonderful surprise which I can’t wait to get stuck into! I love Perth!

Jonny Woo and Le Gateau Chocolat will be performing A Night At The Musicals in the De Parel Spiegeltent from Tuesday January 31st – Monday February 6th. Tickets available from

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