National MP Darren Chester voices support for marriage equality

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defence, Mr Darren Chester MP

Darren Chester, Gippsland MP and member of the National Party, has said he supports a conscience vote on marriage equality in Australia. The Victorian MP has told the ABC that if there was a conscience vote he would vote to allow in support of marriage equality.

Mr Chester has been assessing his electorate over the past years and has noticed a marked change in attitudes.

“I think the momentum is growing in the community. A lot of younger voters who I talk to, perhaps in secondary school or forums, say they’ve moved on, they just want this to happen, that the Parliament of Australia should vote that way”, Mr Chester told the ABC.

Mr Chester is the first and currently the only National party member who has declared support for marriage equality.Mr Chester is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence.

Head across to the ABC to watch Sabra Lane’s report for 7:30

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