Needle on the Record: G Flip, Max Lawrence, Ladyhawke and more

Ladyhawke shares her fourth album ‘Time Flies’

Ladyhawke | Time Flies | ★ ★ ★ ½

 Ladyhawke burst onto the music scene in 2008 and scored some big indie hits with tunes like Paris is Burning and My Delirium. Her following albums tapped into Pip Brown’s love for 80’s influences and she presented songs that carefully balanced the elements of sound that were both retro, and totally current. The two albums she’s released since her debut are both great records, but they don’t have the catchy hits. Here there are some great songs including My Love, Think About You, Mixed Emotions and Adam which have a similar sound to great pop records like Annie’s Anniemal or Kylie Minogue’s Fever, but some of the others are less inspiring. Guilty Love, a collaboration with Broods is one of the album’s darker moments, exploring a different sound.     

Ryan Shepard teams up with Georgi Kay

A decade ago Georgi Kay was a Perth school writing heartfelt tunes and getting the attention of the local music industry. Now she travels the world writing massive dance tunes, and her latest collaboration is with Ryan Shepard.

Mo’ju delivers mini-album O.K 

Mo’ju | O.K | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Across seven tracks Mo’Ju delivers funk and soul sounds filled with some very personal and meaningful lyrics. The title track presents an upfront discussion of mental health, sharing the challenge of your mind being filled with negative thoughts, and clearly stating “I’m not okay”, and asking if that “is okay to say?”. Into These Feelings starts with a booming drum before building a slow groove and adding stark vocals that showcase Mo’Ju’s jazz tinged voice. Each song takes it’s time to develop, building a sound before the vocals come in, Pissing in the Wind transforms into warped and woozy sound. Lead single Wave adds slick beats and trip-hop stylings, but Mo’Ju’s powerful vocal is front and centre. Sometime returns to the mental health theme of the record with a more indie sound, while the closer Not Forever adds some funky guitar as the singer repetitively declares “I Won’t Feel Like This Ever”.  All the songs on the record grow on you with repeat listens, and clocking in at just 23 minutes it’s a great journey.    

Beverly Glenn-Copeland remixed by Arca

Canadian singer-songwriter Beverley Glenn-Copeland has been making intriguing folk music since the 1970s, and also made a lot of music for children’s television.

In 1986 he brought out a self released album on cassette. Keyboard Fantasies used synthesizers and remained largely unnoticed until becoming highly sought-after by music collectors and was proclaimed a ground breaking piece of electronic music for it’s time.

The new found acclaim lead to it being re-released, alongside many of the other recordings Glenn-Copeland had made over the decades, and suddenly the artist now in his seventies had fans around the world. He was scheduled to tour Australia last year but it was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Glenn-Copeland has identified as a transgender man since 2002, and now another highly creative transgender artist has delivered a remix of one of the songs featured on that lost cassette from the 1980s. Here’s Arca’s remix of Let Us Dance. 

There’s also new mixes of his work from Bon Iver, Blood Orange and Kelsey Lu.

Fresh Tracks

The Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way (7th Heaven Club Mix) an amazing epic new remix to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original release Paul Mac featuring Peta Morris – Just The Thing (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix) a 20 year anniversary for this one, and a fresh and smooth new mix to celebrate Charlie Hickey – No Good at Lying delightful chilled indie vibes from Pasadena based singer-songwriter Injured Ninja – Gulnare Funk – Baby Want Baby Eyes in Fire (Tomas Ford Gulnare Funk) It’s just mental Action Slacks – Waiting For The Sun it’s an intriguing mellow and electronic take on the Powderfinger tune Levitation Orchestra – Life is Suffering / Send and Receive soulful British jazz goodness Frank Turner – Miranda folk punk troubadour sings about his transgender parent Parcel – Famous 100% total disco Georgia Lines – I Got You her voice is stunning and this track is so smooth Jah Wobble – Public Image new dub take on the punk tune

Max Lawrence shares Confection

Melbourne based artist Max Lawrence has released new tune Confection and it’s got an attention-grabbing video to go with it too. Their music is described as a combination of chamber pop, RnB and Psych rock. Their planning on bringing out an EP in the near future.

G Flip collaborates with Upsahl for new song Scream

2021 has been a huge year for G Flip, they had a mind blowing great performance at Mardi Gras, came out as non-binary and filled the airwaves with a series of awesome tunes.

The latest is scream which comes with a pretty sexy video too. For the new tune G Flip teams up with American singer-songwriter Upsahl. G Flip explained how their collaboration came about.

“There’s no hiding the fact that this song is about sex. This is my horniest song to date. I was super stoked to get UPSAHL on the track, she is an absolute legend and a great musician, we had a lot of fun with it. We tee’d it up during lockdown when I was in Melb and she was in the US.

“We had a facetime and she was like “DUDE this track is fire”, and I said “Yeah it’s a pretty horny song, smash a verse on it and add what you like” – she killed it on her first try. Once I got to LA we finally got to meet and hang and we made a very sexy film clip. To my family… probably don’t watch the clip cause it gets a bit too raunchy!!”

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