New Zealand Legalises Same-Sex Marriage

526463_10151357274182617_77941656_n[1]Australia has fallen even further behind on the debate of marriage equality, New Zealand has voted in support of legalising same-sex marriage, votes were 77 to 44 in favour.

The legislation will mark New Zealand as the 13th country making the move to marriage equality; the issue is being debated in parliaments world-wide.

Openly gay MP Louisa Wall opened the debate to a full house at the parliament house in Wellington, noting that the last time she saw the public gallery at capacity was whilst ‘recording the agreement reached between Maori and the crown. In both instances the parties affected are a minority group who have been marginalised’.

The announcement generated cheers and applause, MPs overwhelmingly congratulated Wall, who introduced the bill.

Both Gillard and Abbott have expressed that they will not be shifting on their views opposing same-sex marriage in Australia. Whilst at a community cabinet meeting in Melbourne Gillard was questioned by a member of the public on the issue, she responded ‘I doubt we’re going to end up agreeing’.

Similarly, questions posed to Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, were directed to previous interviews where he expressed that marriage was ‘between a man and a woman’.

Australian Marriage Equality National Convenor, Rodney Croome, has referred to the legislation as a ‘game changer’ for the LGBTIQ community in Australia, with same-sex couples only having to cross the Tasman to tie the knot.

”Now that marriage equality is only three hours away there will be a flood of couples flying to New Zealand”, he said.

Public opinion on same-sex marriage in New Zealand is much the same as Australia, sitting around 60-65%.

Watch the moment the bill was passed below.

Nadine Walker


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