New Zealand will allow Kellie-Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker, into the country

New Zealand’s Immigration Minister, Michael Wood, has announced the Kellie-Jay Keen will be allowed to enter New Zealand to conduct her ‘Let Women Speak’ open mic events.

Wood said like many New Zealanders he would have prefer it if Keen just stated at home and never set foot in the country, but concerns about the disharmony she may bring to society did not meet the threshold for him to step in and ban her from travelling to the country.

“I find many of her views repugnant, and am concerned by the way she courts some of the most vile people and groups including white supremacists.” Minister Wood said.

Wood said the decision on whether Keen could travel to New Zealand lay with the country’s immigration department and they had accessed that she did pose a significant enough risk for her entry to be denied.

“I’ve have been advised that this case does not meet the threshold for Ministerial intervention.” Wood said.

The minister said he now had the safety and welfare of the transgender community “front of mind” and that there would be a significant police presence at her events.

“I condemn her inflammatory, vile and incorrect worldviews, and will always stand alongside those New Zealanders who use their right to free speech against those who wish to take society backwards.” Minister Wood said.

In recent days the British activist with anti-transgender views issued a warning to New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins when it was suggested she may not be able to travel to the country.

“Chris Hipkins, roll the dice my friend, I don’t think you’ll dare to keep from coming into New Zealand” Keen said in a video posted to her YouTube channel.  “Revoke my visa at your peril – let’s see what happens.”

Keen’s tour of Australia has seen more protesters than supporters at each of her stops. The Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide events drew large numbers of protesters, but the activist made international headlines when a group of neo-Nazi’s arrived at the Melbourne event.

Yesterday as Keen appeared in Hobart she was significantly outnumbered by protesters whose loud chanting drowned out her public speaking event.

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