NikkieTutorials announced as co-host of Eurovision 2021

Dutch beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager, best known by her YouTube persona NikkeTutorials, is set to be one of the co-hosts of Eurovision 2021.

Last year the COVID-19 outbreak forced the Eurovision Song Contest to be cancelled for the first time in it’s long history. This year each country will have the option of sending the same artists as they’d nominated last year, or a completely new artist the the gathering in The Netherlands. The only requirements in they come up with a brand new tune.

At this year’s celebration de Jager will be one of the hosts alongside TV host Chantal Janzen, and singers Jan Smit and Edsilia Rombley. Last year she was set to be the host of Eurovision online, but now she’ll be taking to the main stage.

Last year the YouTube star shared that she is transgender, sadly she was forced to reveal her gender history after other people threatened to share it without her consent.

Australia will be represented at Eurovision 2021 by Montaigne, they are yet to reveal their song for the competition.

OIP Staff

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