Punk-funk outfit NO ZU get slimy on new track ‘Liquid Love’

NO ZU return with their first new original music since 2016, with Liquid Love from new EP Heat Beat, which is out on limited edition speckled yellow vinyl and digital on November 18.

Liquid Love is accompanied by a great slimy video directed by Hayden Somerville.

“The Liquid Love video was a wild and very sticky one to make,” says NO ZU’s magnetic leader Nicolaas Oogjes.

“In many ways it achieves my original fantasies for NO ZU – of a parallel Heat Beat world, spinning alongside and rubbing up against the ‘real’ one, picking up its light, shadows and her/histories and digesting them. It’s a world of antipodean mutant punk-funk, of underground clubs and of a propulsive hedonism that keeps the body moving in dangerous ways.

“It’s fitting that Liquid Love‘s mutant protagonist melts down and returns back (literally) to the primordial soup where Heat Beat first emerged from. Full circle. It’s been wild. It’s been gooey.”

NO ZU have stormed stages from Barcelona’s Primavera Festival to Festival NRMAL in Mexico to Meredith’s Golden Plains. NO ZU’s multi-limbed, mutant punk funk has evolved over the last decade to make them one of Australia’s most distinctive and debauched groups.

The passing of powerhouse NO ZU vocalist Daphne Camf in 2021 left a huge hole in Melbourne music, and the band fell into a long silence. Heat Beat is made up of Daphne’s final recordings with the group. The EP, named after the band’s own trademarked genre, is classic NO ZU.

Liquid Love is out now.

Photo: Katelyn Stefani 

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