NRL tells followers upset by same sex kiss to get with the times

The Facebook page of the National Rugby League has been filled with comments from followers who were upset about an image of a same-sex couple kissing.

The NRL posted the image of NSW player Vanessa Foliaki and Queenslander Karina Brown in the middle of the pitch following the end of the game.

The pair had been playing against each other in the inaugural women’s State of Origin match, but usually they are found on the same team. Foliaki and Brown have been a couple since 2014.

Commenters on the code’s Facebook page said that if an image of two male players kissing was posted there would be outrage, while others argued that the image of two women embracing would put young girls off the the game. One commenter asked if there was a rule that stopped players kissing on their field?

The NRL however was having none of it, telling supporters to get with the times and join the world in 2018.

As the conversation continued another follower of their Facebook p[age said by posting the image the NRL were ‘sexualizing” the game of rugby.

Again the NRL defended the photos saying if the world could handle a straight player kissing their wife at the end of a game, there was nothing wrong with an image of a same-sex couple in the same scenario.

Soon the page was flooded with comments thanking the NRL for their stance on equality.

OIP Staff

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