Pauline Hanson says teachers are ‘transgendering’ children

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has claimed there are only 57 transgender youth in Australian schools during a speech outlining why she wants parents to decide what is included in the education curriculum.

Speaking in the senate this morning, Senator Hanson outlined why she has introduced legislation that will allow parents to take schools to court if they do not include opposing views on climate science and gender identity in the educational curriculum.

After arguing that students need to be exposed to theories that dispute the existence of climate change and global warming, Senator Hanson took aim at policies that support transgender and gay youth.

Senator Hanson said some teachers in schools were “pushing” the idea biological sex did not determine if a person was male or female.

Quoting the 2016 national census Senator Hanson said there were only 57 transgender children attending school in Australia.

“Just 57 children, under the age of 15, identified as transgender.” Senator Hanson said, “How many transgender students do you think there are in a single school? Well I’ll let you do the maths, 57 transgender students divided by 9,400 schools.”

The senator argued that the existence of transgender students was incredibly rare, but every other student was “subjected to transgender policies which are being taken to extremes.”

Senator Hanson said bureaucrats had a plan to make children preoccupied with gender issues by introducing a wide range of policies allowing gender neutral uniforms, introducing gender neutral bathrooms and allowing libraries to stock books that dealt with gender issues.

Senator Hanson said the growing number of children who identify as transgender was because of changes to the aforementioned policies.

“I say teachers are transgendering our children.” Senator Hanson said.

“In Western Australia some eight-years-olds are spending learning time dressing up as the opposite sex, using a government supplied box of dress-up clothes.” Senator Hanson said, “By the time these students are in Year 9 they will have a new vocabulary based on gender diversity theory, and they will have been taught the art of sex texting, and the advanced sexual techniques.”

Senator Hanson said the Safe Schools program did not address equality or bullying of same-sex attracted students, or transgender students but rather lead to the bullying of girls, and students who did not believe in recognising transgender students.

“Girls are being bullied into losing their rights, students who do not show the required level of enthusiasm for the LGBTQI+ agenda, including materials like the Genderbread Person, are humiliated and embarrassed by teachers, according to reports from parents.” Senator Hanson claimed.

Senator Hanson said a small number of transgender youth were being given rights, at the expense of the majority of students, particularly girls and women.

“When educators protect the rights of a minority by strippoing young girls and boys of their rights, then something is horribly wrong.” Senator Hanson said.

Senator Hanson has described her proposal as groundbreaking, but legal experts have labeled it unworkable and unrealistic.

On Monday Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi has described Senator Hanson’s proposals as laughable, but also terrifying.

“Senator Hanson’s attempt to gag teachers and stuff the curriculum full of right-wing conspiracy theories would be laughable if it weren’t so terrifying.” Senator Faruqi said.

“The curriculum should be based on evidence and expertise not Pauline Hanson’s latest bigoted thought bubble.

“There is no place for this kind of censorship of teachers in our democracy and our schools.

“This bill belongs nowhere but in the bin. Hanson’s spurious claims that human-caused climate change is ‘unsubstantiated’ and schools ‘teach gender fluidity and realignment to infants’ can go with it.

“It’s vital every child learns the realities of the climate crisis, the truth of Australia’s settler-colonial past and how to have respectful relationships in the context of a comprehensive sex education.

“Teachers, working with educational experts, do a great job supporting students, often working without the resources they need. They certainly don’t need One Nation’s meddling.” the senator said.

OIP Staff

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