PFLAG head critical of accusations of bullying by the YES Campaign

The national spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has spoken out against claims of bullying from YES voters in the postal survey on marriage equality.

PFLAG’s Shelley Argent has released a statement critical of the government’s public vote on the rights of LGBTI Australians.

“As National Spokesperson for parents with LGBTIQ sons and daughters I am totally fed up with hearing about how voters are being bullied by the YES campaign,” Argent said.

“As a long time leader in the campaign for a Free Vote for several years, voters forget that this debacle could have been eliminated if the politicians had done their job and costing would have been $0. This is what people should be complaining about not about being lobbied?”

“Where are the people who wanted their say?  Now you have your say! These are the consequences of you having say.  Communities are divided, anger and hate speech are increasing.  Additionally, there’s the fear and scaremongering alive and well from the NO Campaign which is adding to anxiety and fear of the unknown which of course is the plan.”

The PFLAG head also raised concerns regarding the tactics of fear, such as spreading misinformation or conflating marriage with the Safe Schools program, that are being deployed by the NO Campaign.

“The NO Campaign does not have to be truthful with their scaremongering campaign, it is enough to just plant doubt in people’s minds, but we need to dispel the fears with proof. And, let’s be honest who are people going to believe “the good Christians” or the “dreadful LBTIQ people” who many do not understand.”

“As a mother I am working for the rights of my son and others in the LGBTIQ community to be seen as equal to their siblings and peers. We have asked the government nicely and not so nicely. However, they have continued along the coward’s path with a non compulsory, non binding survey that is technically just gathering data by the ABS and sent to homes by a very incompetent mailing service.”

“Envelopes have been destroyed, dumped and left in the rain. The whole process is very poor especially when people’s rights depend on such an uncaring and incompetent system.”

“So please note, we don’t enjoy campaigning but the LGBTIQ community want their rights and only a YES vote from you will help them to achieve that goal.”

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