Could the plebiscite be delivered electronically?

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Could the plebiscite on allowing same sex marriage be delivered electronically?

That’s a question that Liberal MP Warren Entsch has put forward. The Queensland MP, who supports marriage equality and advocates that a plebiscite is the best way to address the issue, has suggested electronic voting may be the solution to deadlocked issue.

Entsch has drafted a new proposal that would see the plebiscite being delivered via online voting and postal votes. The MP believes this methodology would significantly reduce the cost of the exercise removing the $200 million price tag that many people object to.

Some reports have suggested that the revised price for the plebiscite could be around $53 million.

The Australian newspaper has revealed that the government has approached the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) several times in the last week with the hope of gaining their support for a scaled down plebiscite plan.

In a last ditch attempt to gain the support of the cross bench party Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reportedly met with the NXT.

Changes to the proposal may include reducing the amount of public funding and making the outcomes of the plebiscite binding.

The NXT has however ruled out giving any support to the amended proposal telling Gay News Network that they are completely opposed to the plebiscite in any form.

“This is an issue we could deal with tomorrow through a free vote,” Senator Xenophon said.

“Myself and my NXT colleagues Stirling Griff, Skye Kakoschke-Moore and Rebekha Sharkie have repeatedly said that we believe the parliament can and should decide this issue with a free vote for all members and senators.”

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