Poll: Over 50% Support for Marriage Equality Across All Age Groups

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A new poll from Fairfax Ipsos has revealed over 50% support for marriage equality across all age groups for the very first time.

The survey published in today’s Financial Review shows an overall rate of 68% in support of marriage equality, with only 25% confirmed opposition. Those between the age of 18 and 24 declared a massive 86% support rate, while the over 55s had the lowest number of supporters with 53%. Opposition peaked at 37% amongst over 55s, however no other age group saw opposition climb above 25%.

Fairfax Ipsos last conducted this survey in August of 2013, just prior to the federal election. At that time, overall support for marriage equality was at 65%, a mere 3% lower than the current result. Opposition has also fallen 3% since 2013, showing a steady swing in favour of marriage equality.

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