Pride WA reverse decision banning refugee group from parade

Pride WA have reversed their decision to ban advocacy group Refugee Rights Action Network from presenting their Rainbows for Refugees entry in tonight’s Pride Parade.

A spokeperson told OUTinPerth that the organisation had considered the issue and reversed its decision.

Pride WA was hit with an onslaught of criticism this morning after they confirmed that the group had been turned away from the parade at the last minute.

The Pride WA Facebook page was flooded with comments condemning the decision.

“At a time when Gay Iranians face execution if deported, why the f**k are refugee rights activists being told not to attend? If this is not something that should be priority #1 , #2 and #3 (Now that the Gay marriage thing is more or less a sure thing), whats the bloody point of Pride at all? Shameful” Shane wrote.

“Why aren’t LGBTQ+ refugee rights activists allowed to attend?” asked Emily, ” It’s disgraceful. They’re calling for an important freedom the people in these prison camps deserve and you’re not allowing them to do that.”

“No pride in detention. How on earth can the theme be “freedom” but you won’t let people march *for* the actual freedom of queer people being detained by our country? Such a fucking joke.” said Ed.

The Pride Parade starts at 8pm tonight and will follow a new route through the streets of Northbridge. It will commence at The Court Hotel and travel down Francis Street, Lake Street and James Street before ending at The Horseshoe Bridge.

Update 25-11-17 13:34: Events company ESP have clarified that the decision to ban the Refuge Rights Action Network’s entry ‘Rainbows for Refugees’ from the Pride Parade was made solely by Pride WA. ESP say while they informed the group they were being omitted from the parade, they played no part in making the decision. ESP stated that have no opinion on the group.     

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