Priscilla get ready for epic prom party launch at The Rechabite


Perth group Priscilla have been quiet for a few years but now their back with the incredible new track Dance Through the Night. Their celebrating the new tune with an epic prom party at The Rechabite tonight.

The duo will be celebrating the release of their music with a massive Prom Party. The celebration will  feature live music from Priscilla alongside guests Joel Davis, Anesu, and Lo. Plus there will be  drag and dance performances from Miss Phoria, Tootsy Roll and Serenity, and tunes to keep you dancing into the night by the House of Bok DJ’s.

Luke and P from the band dropped by All Things Queer on RTRFM 92.1 this week and chatted to Leigh Andrew Hill about the new song and the massive party they have lined up.

The duo explained that the song had been gestating for a long time, as they began writing it in 2020.

“This one was long time.” P said, with Luke describing the gap between starting the song and finally finishing it as a “blip”.

“We had this structure and this hook, and we had it for so long, and then it took us so long to return to it.” Luke said.

Luke and P said the lyrics of the tune inspired the idea for a gay prom celebration.

“The lyrics of the tune came out of that feeling of missed opportunities that a lot of people felt with 2020, and I was seeing a lot of things around that time that were not really validating that it was hard.”

“There’s that pop-psychology that says ‘Why not just think of some things that you’re really grateful for and then everything will feel okay’, and while it’s nice to think of family and friends, it’s also nice to just validate those feelings sometimes and say ‘No I am freaking frustrated, life is not where I wanted it to be.”

When it came time to create the visuals for the album P said they began thinking about other times in their lives where they felt they had missed opportunities and were reminded of how many queer people experience their school balls as a time when you cannot take the person you really want to take, or wear the clothes you really want to wear.

To make up for everyone’s missed Prom Parties, the launch from Priscilla is set to be massive queer prom event.

Take a listen to the tune, and grab tickets to the party at The Rechabite

Luke Minness · DDTN 20.03.21

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