Qld MP George Christensen posts picture of rainbow machine gun

George Christensen, the Liberal Nationals member for Dawson in Queensland has posted an image of a machine gun with a rainbow coloured magazine to his Twitter account and asked;

“How many Aussies who want to follow the US on “gay marriage” want to follow them on the right to bear arms as well?”

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While the bizarre question had many on Twitter asking what the anti-marriage equality MP was on about, a similar post on Mr Christensen’s Facebook account gave a slightly longer explanation.

“I’m wondering how many people who look to USA and say we should follow them on “gay marriage” because they’re America the Great would want us to follow their lead on the right to bear arms?” asked the politician on his other social media platform.

George ChristensenIt appears Mr Christensen’s logic is that if the majority of Australia’s agree with America’s stance on one topic, we might therefore agree with them on another completely unrelated topic.

The politician has been rewarded with a barrage of comments asking how he joined the dots together between marriage equality and gun control?

Many commentators have highlighted that he’s not comparing apples with apples. Eloquently one Twitter user referred the MP to the Sesame Street song “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”.

On Facebook Mr Christensen’s comment quickly attracted several hundred comments. The large majority of comments suggested that Mr Christensen’s argument lacked logical thought.

Mr Chrstensen’s office was contacted for comment.