Queensland cafe allegedly told lesbian couple to leave and “never come back”

A Queensland cafe is facing a wave of criticism after allegations that they told an interracial same-sex couple to leave the venue and “never come back”.

Queensland-based publication QNews have reported on the incident that occurred last weekend. The two women have shared their experience of alleged discrimination at the Poet’s Cafe in the small Sunshine Coast town on Montville.

The couple were taking some time off from their busy work in the health profession, one is a doctor and the other is studying to be a midwife, both work long hours. They were visiting the region looking at potential wedding venues and called in the the cafe which is also serves as a wedding location.

The couple reported that they noticed an older man, who they presumed to be the owner of the venue, became agitated when they were holding hands.  Inside the cafe they explained to staff they were first going to have some coffee and then order some food, but as soon as their coffee order arrived they say they were presented with a bill and asked to the leave the venue.

The couple recounted that the older man angrily told them, “I want you to just finish up and leave!” before telling them never to return to the establishment.

The couple say they believe they were discriminated against and will be filing a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act through the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

The cafe has yet to respond to the allegations and attempts to contact the venue have not been answered. The venue has seen a barrage of negative comments on it’s social media pages and website TripAdvisor has blocked any new reviews being added to the venue’s listing.

Shelley Argent, the spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) told QNews that she was amazed a business would act in such a way.

“I am amazed at this time when businesses are struggling for custom that any business owner would prove so small-minded that he would turn customers away because he is either homophobic or racist and worse still both. Its time that business owners learnt that it is no longer acceptable to treat people in this manner.” Argent told QNews.

“I congratulate the two women for standing up and saying ‘enough is enough’. Their rights need to be recognized and respected the same as any other customer just wanting a coffee and some lunch.”

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