Queensland to remove obsolete criminal records for homosexuality

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Queensland’s parliament have moved to remove outdated criminal records for gay sex, a relic from a time when homosexuality was considered illegal.

Attorney general Yvette D’ath told media that the government is seeking advice from the Queensland Law Reform Commission on how they can practically move forward.

“This sends the clear message that outdated and intolerant attitudes towards our gay community belong in the past,” Ms D’Ath said in a statement.

“Referring this issue is an important step that shows we are series about delivering on our election commitment to remove these archaic convictions from the criminal histories of men who should never have been charged.”

The state of Queensland decriminalised homosexuality in 1991. Ms D’Ath said that have been over 450 convictions for the former crime.

“Our community recognises that consensual sexual activity between adults should not be treated differently simply because of a person’s sexuality,” she said.

The ACT, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania have already expunged homosexuality as criminal activity from legal records. Western Australia is yet to follow suit.

Western Australia’s Attorney General Michael Mischin has previously legislation of this type is unnecessary.

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