Queer Community Still Loves City Living

Perth at Night (web)City living has always been the homeland of the queer community. Despite more couples visibly choosing to settle down to a life in the suburbs, the inner city remains desirable to Perth’s LGBTIQ community.

Living in the city has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. In fact over 2000 people have moved into the city in the last two year pushing the city’s population to over 20,000. By 2033 the city’s population is expected to reach over 35,000.

Research from the Australian Bureau Statistics had revealed that same sex couples in Australia are more likely to favour apartment living. At the last census almost 51% of male same sex couples were living in an apartment, flat or terrace house. While 31% of female couples were found in similar accommodation.

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There are any attractions in the inner city that continue to draw the LGBTIQ community to the area. Both of the city’s distinctive queer venues, Connections Nightclub and The Court Hotel are in Northbridge. While Loton Park Tennis Club, queer cafe The Sparrow’s Nest and host of other LGBTIQ friendly businesses are also attractions. Additionally many LGBT social groups choose to meet close to the city centre.

The enthusiasm of the queer community can also been seen in local politics with large queer contingents being actively involved in the campaigns for Perth’s Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and the campaign of Eleni Evangel in the last state election

OUTinPerth is also creating new events close to the city centre. each month the Queer Business Network meets at Pure Bar in Subiaco, while new club night Random is set to take place at The Velvet Lounge in Mount Lawley.

City living is definitely here to stay for the queer community.

OIP Staff


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