Queer as Folk – go right back to the beginning

Queer As Folk

Watching Queer as Folk on Monday nights on SBS used to be a highlight of the week.

Now the popular TV show that ran for five seasons is returning to SBS Viceland and it’s going all the way back to episode one.

The show is based on the British show of the same name, and while the UK show only had a short run the American remake became an institution.

The show begins with twenty nine year old advertising executive Brian Kinney and his best mate Michael Novotny having a night out clubbing. Brian meets Justin, a young man venturing out in the gay nightlife for the first time. Brian takes Justin home with him, and gradually Justin begins to find out more about gay life through a close circle of friends.

The show was ground breaking for it’s depictions of teenage sexuality, coming out, rainbow families, substance abuse, homophobia, HIV and many other topics.

Catch Queer as Folk on SBS Viceland from 6:50pm via Foxtel or 9:50pm on free-to-air every Friday night. The show will also be available on SBS On-Demand.  

OIP Staff

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