R&B star Lara Andallo shares new single ‘Diamond In The Rough’

Rising R&B star Lara Andallo has shared her brand new single Diamond In The Rough.

The slow burner is the second taste from a new chapter from the Filipino-Australian musician, dancer and singer/songwriter, confirming her allegiance to the sounds of classic R&B and pop, while incorporating futuristic electronica and harder hip-hop/trap production.

Owning and embracing her sexuality with a mature and confident energy, the new single explores the idea of Lara finding that diamond but coming to the realisation it’s rough around the edges.

Having previously chosen the “safe” direction and suppressing how she really felt, this time around Lara’s choosing to face her thoughts and feelings and live beyond her fear.

“At the time I wrote this song, I felt like I had found a rare connection with someone, but not at all in the ideal circumstances,” Lara said of the track.

“I was feeling the pressure & tension of the situation, but you need high pressure & heat to make a diamond right. I wanted to play into the mystery of “what could be” or being “caught” visually, and that’s why we shoot the dance video in the dark with minimal lighting.”

Lara’s musical journey began after a devastating ankle injury sidelined her from dancing. It was then that Lara began prioritising song-writing, where R&B became a crux of her rehabilitation.

She says she channelled her pain, vulnerability and subsequent strength into her 2020 For Her, flexing her multi-faceted artistry and ability to write emotive R&B with club appeal.

Diamond In The Rough is out now.

Image: Adam Saunders

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