Rebekah Robertson shares her journey with ABC’s ‘Conversations’

ABC’s acclaimed radio show Conversations has chatted to mother and author Rebekah Robertson.

In the chat with Sarah Kanowski, Robertson shares what it was like discovering she was expecting twins during her pregnancy and how her two children have grown up to have very different lives.

One of her children was drawn to playing with trucks and lego, while the other was intrigued by things that were pretty and swirling skirts. One night during a bath Georgie announced she was a girl not a boy.

While Georgie Stone has grown up to be one of Australia’s most well known transgender rights advocates and a star on the TV show Neighbours, we haven’t heard the story of her supportive family.

In the intimate and revealing discussion Rebekah dismisses suggestions that transgender youth are just going through a phase.

“Phases are different, and it became very clear, how long do you reckon a phase lasts? Maybe a couple of months – like Pokemon – that’s a phase. You buy your kid a scooter and it ends up in the garage after a couple of months – that’s a phase. This was years and years.”

The episode reveals how Georgie Stone’s parents supported their daughter and helped her forge her way in the world.   

Take a listen to the episode 

Rebekah Robertson’s book About a Girl is published by Penguin.