Senator Eric Abetz says he has no plans to retire from politics

Senator Eric Abetz he has no plans to retire, following suggestions that the party may move him out of his top spot on the Tasmanian Senate ticket.

Asked by Sky News host Ashleigh Gillon if it was time for generational change and a graceful retirement, Senator Abetz said he was here to stay as long as the party wanted him.

“I have no plans to retire fullstop.” the senator responded. “Those sort of terms about ‘gracefully’ and other things I’ll let commentators talk about that, but supposed to say I have the energy, the work ethic, the capcity, the advocacy, the skills and I trust that the senate selectors in Tasmania will make a selection on one simple basis – that is who is best to serve the Liberal party and the people of Tasmania.”

Senator Abetz said he still had a lot to contribute in politics.

Two years after Australians voted in favour of marriage equality Senator Abetz says his views have not changed.

“My views remain the same, I believe marriage is an institution not so much for the adults involved but for the possible offspring, and kids are best brought up, if at all possible, with their biological Mum and Dad, and that is what the institution of marriage is all about.”

“Some of the things we said at the time would happen, have happened, such as the transgender movement would be highly motivated as a result of the change. That was denied at the time, we were ridiculed at the time, I think anybody looking back now would say ‘well that was a prophecy that has been fulfilled.” Senator Abetz said.

The Liberal MP said the push for recognising transgender rights had begun after the marriage postal survey.

“It stated after the marriage plebiscite, something we predicted and it’s no occurred. I think in fairness the commentators should acknowledge that. We can then have an argument whether that’s a good or a bad thing, but that which we predicted, and we were ridiculed for, has in fact come to pass.

“I think those who sought to ridicule us ought to say ‘well in fact they were correct.'” Senator Abetz said.

OIP Staff