Rejoice! The Sugababes are the Sugababes again

British band The Sugababes are once again the actual original Sugababes.

For many years the original members of the band couldn’t perform as Sugababes, the outfit found success in, because their band had continued on without them after the each left. Since 2011 they’ve been known as Keisha, Siobhan and Mutya – but now they have the rights to be Sugbabes again.

The band formed back in 1998 with Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan and they released their debut album in the year 2000. The band found chart success with their single Overload. 

In 2001 Donaghy left the group and they continued on with new member Heidi Range, who had previously been a member of Atomic Kitten.

The had a strong of hits including Freak Like Me, Round Round, Push the Button, Red Dress and Ugly.

In 2005 Mutya Buena left the band going on to produce a solo album and feature in collaborations with George Michael and Groove Armada. Amelle Berrabah took her spot in the group.

In 2009 Buchanan, the last remaining founding member of the group, also departed. But the band continued on with Jade Ewan filling her spot.

When Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan decided they wanted to be the Sugababes again, they couldn’t because Heidi, Amelle and Jade were still making music under the name.

Now it seems they’ve got the rights to be Sugabaes again, the trio appeared on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend and performed a cover of the garage classic Flowers. 

They’ve recorded the song for an album that sees garage classics delivered by a Symphony Orchestra –DJ Spoony’s Garage Classical.

Chatting with Graham Norton after their performance the trio said they were working on some special surprises for the band’s 20th anniversary next year.

OIP Staff