Review: Belle and Sebastian deliver a perfect show

Belle and Sebastian | The Astor Theatre | 2nd May 2018 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

This is how every concert should be.

On the back of their recently released set of EPs How To Solve Our Human Problems, Belle and Sebastian made a triumphant return to Perth, their first stop in a series of four dates in Australia.

For some peculiar reason, the concert at the Astor was seated. But as soon as the first few familiar notes of I’m A Cuckoo rang out, it became noticeably difficult for the audience to remain motionless in their seats. Front-man Stuart Murdoch encouraged those who were hesitant to get up to “do whatever the fuck you want”. By the time the band performed Sukie In The Graveyard, a number of brave souls had abandoned their seats and moved up to dance at the front of the room.

There was a palpable rapport between the eight band mates on stage as they riffed off each other – Murdoch proudly showing off his knowledge of the local (abbreviated) vernacular and lead guitarist Stevie Jackson displaying some of his finest Kylie-esque dance moves.

With a back catalogue of nine studio albums, the band had no problems playing a varied set of new songs and old, Murdoch cheekily noting that the latter were “older than some of the people here”. The highlight of the night came when a select few were invited on stage to dance along for The Boy With The Arab Strap.

After finishing their main set with Judy And The Dream of Horses, the band returned for a funked-up version of The Party Line before ending with audience selection, The State I Am In.

Belle and Sebastian sounded every bit good live as their records. The joyful energy they brought to the Astor on a Wednesday night was not altogether unexpected to those who have followed the band throughout their 22-year music career. This was truly indie pop at its finest. And for 90 wondrous minutes, they made it seem like all was right with the world.

Tracey Chung

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