Review | POND bring the swirly synths to Fremantle Arts Centre

POND | Fremantle Arts Centre | ★ ★ ★ ★ 

It was a beautiful night, warm with a little bit of a breeze and wafts of smoke from the audience. The band was bathed in a smoky glow of pinks and blues, contrasting with the serene setting of the Fremantle Arts Centre South Lawn – trees to the left of me, gothic building to the right. You could be anywhere but no, you’re definitely in Freo.

I don’t tend to listen to new albums before going to see gigs. I love watching the band’s connection to the music, and it’s so exciting to hear fresh their live interpretation of their creations. This didn’t disappoint – the show was slick, the sound was great and the atmosphere was delightful. They hold an outdoor stage well. There is something familiar and comforting about Pond’s music – it is enjoyable to listen to, their influences can clearly be heard, but it is distinctly their sound.

Fat bass lines, groovy drums and swirly synths, what’s not to love? Particular highlights for me included their Cure-like-tune Toast, a banging rendition of Human Touch, a new one which was very Bowieesque in vocals, and rocking out to a collection of old tunes from Beard, Wives, Denim.

Lead singer Nick Allbrook made good use of the lighting with some excellent silhouetted dancing during Daisy and one song started with a flute and ended with the mashed potato. What!? I noticed it was loo break time for a lot of people, a shame they missed it because the song built into a wall of sound that you could drown in.

The only thing that made me sad was the ending. Their choice of final song and encore after the collection of bangers throughout left me feeling a bit deflated. I wanted more of the fun stuff! Anyway, was still a treat to see them live and look forward to catching them outside again.

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Dr Kerry Manera is a psychologist working for, with and within the queer community. She is also a musician and a parent. She loves to watch anything live and misses the drag queens of East London, where she used to live.

Image: Cam Campbell

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