Rowan Dean repeats: masculinity, coal and Israel saved Thai cave boys

Sky News host Rowan Dean has added to his claim that the rescue of twelve Thai soccer players and their coach owes a debt of gratitude to fossil fuels and an absence of gender fluidity among the rescue divers.

Dean was a guest and Andrew Bolt’s The Bolt Report on Wednesday night and added support of Israel into his theory of what made the rescue that gripped the world possible.

The editor of The Spectator magazine said his comments had ‘freaked out lefties’ so he assumed he had “hit on some sort of truth.”

Dean said that the Australian diving team who assisted in the rescue had been focused on their task and weren’t spending their time thinking about gender fluidity – and this was a key factor in the success of the rescue.

“I’m pretty certain that diving team when they were helping the kids through the tunnels and things, they weren’t training them in unconscious bias.” Dean argued. “I don’t think they were teaching them about their gender fluidity. I don’t think they were worrying about whether they had a diverse and inclusive diving team with them.”

The outspoken TV host said that a focus on being the best, excellence, expertise and dedication had been responsible for saving the trapped soccer team – he also said it was important to remember that the team was comprised of boys, and it was men who had saved them – and none of the people involved had probably ever played with dolls.

“They grew up probably not paying with dolls but playing in caves and running around like boys like to do which probably helped the resilience.” Dean said.

Andrew Bolt said Rowan Dean’s views had made him realise that masculinity had been central to the saga. Bolt said that the boys masculinity that had got them into the precarious situation, but it was also an affirmation of masculinity that had saved them.

“Masculinity – which is testing yourself, and in this case coming a cropper as the waters rose in the cave. It is caused in a sense by that masculine testing and testosterone and all that. But of course the boys were also rescued by other men who only developed those skills by doing exactly the same.”

Dean also credited Israeli equipment as being the key factor in staging the successful rescue and said this was a reason for people ignore campaigns that pushed for companies to  avoid investments in the country.

“The only way they managed to rescue the kids with communications was with Israeli equipment that would not exist if the BDS – Boycott, Divest, Sanctions campaign against Israel existed. That particular communications equipment was developed by Israel in the tunnels Hamas are trying to destroy Israel.” Dean said.

“These boys, the twelve boys, owe their lives to fossil fuels.” Dean claimed. “The pumps that were pumping for however many days, ten days or whatever, Thailand is over 90% fossil fuels. There would not have been any renewable energy involved in rescuing those kids. You don’t have solar and you don’t have wind power in monsoon conditions.” Dean said.

Dean said that if a similar rescue was needed in South Australia, in the year 2050, the same outcome could not be expected because of the state’s reliance on renewable energy.

The Outsiders host’s bizarre string of comments began on the Sky News program Paul Murray Live earlier in the week.

In the first interaction he commented on the successful rescue that has captured the world’s attention and said it was important that people remembered that the operation had been a success because of coal power, western technology, and a lack of gender fluidity.

“Those kids would not be alive if the those pumps had been powered by windmills and solar panels. If they hadn’t had western technology in there. If they hadn’t had western expertise.

“It wasn’t a bunch of gender fluid divers that went down there. It wasn’t a bunch of touchy feeling identity politics, diverse and inclusive, unconscious bias mob that saved those boys lives. It was solid western know how and technology.” Dean said.

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