Russian air cadets in hot water over homoerotic YouTube video

A group of air cadets in Russia are in hot water after the posted a video of themselves twerking in their underwear.

Set to the music of Benny Benassi’s 2002 hit Satisfaction, the clips shows the young cadets eating bananas, playing with power tools, doing push ups and twerking, all while clad only in the undies and military caps.

The video has quickly been shared across social media in Russia leading for calls for the cadets to be sacked, and for their tutors to also be dismissed.

The  Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, a government-owned institution in the western city of Ulyanovsk, has expressed their outrage at the publication of the video.

Petr Timofeev, head of the Institute’s disciplinary department, had told reporters that he was shellshocked after watching his students strip down for the clip.

I honestly do not want to comment on the disgusting behaviour of these cadets.

“To be honest, I myself need to sit and digest what I’ve seen.

“We are now dealing with this case; we are trying to evaluate everything inside and outside the school. Of course, all of this is very ugly.” Timofeev told a local Russian publication.

Russia has strict laws that outlaw any media which is seen to a promotion of homosexuality.

Check out the Russian boys’ take on Satisfaction below.

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