Same-sex adoption bill passes in Victorian Parliament


The Victorian Parliament have passed legislation permitting same-sex couples to adopt, accepting amendments from the Upper House.

The amendments applied exemptions for religious organisations, allowing them to refuse adoptions on the basis of faith.

The Victorian Labor government had set out with the intention of there being no exemptions and considered dumping the bill after amendments were proposed, eventually decided to apply amendments for the sake of pushing the bill through.

Victoria’s Opposition spokesperson for equality David Davis says the exemptions were necessary in order for the law to be fair.

“Same-sex couples will be able to get the services that they need,” Mr Davis told media.

“This is obviously a balance to be struck, and the balance has been carefully thought through by the Legislative Council.”

Of Victoria’s four major adoption providers, only Catholic Care have expressed opposition to adoption equality.

With these new laws, now only Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia do not allow same-sex couples to adopt, though South Australia are currently reviewing their legislation.




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