School principal dispels claims in anti-marriage equality TV ad

A high school principal has come out against claims made in the recent TV advertisement from the Coalition For Marriage against marriage equality.

One of mothers in the TV spot, Cella White, claimed her son was allowed to wear a dress to school – but her child’s principal says that is not the case.

John Albiston, principal of Frankston High, told Sydney Morning Herald that there was nothing to the claim.

“We checked with all the teachers, it never happened,” Albiston said.

“I have never had any complains that we have advised the boys they could wear dresses. We didn’t offer them that option.”

“Why would this so-called incident that never happened have anything to do with marriage equality?” Albiston asked.

The Coalition for Marriage are using a fundraising campaign to keep the advertisement on air, which they claim costs $35,000 per day to run.

The first round of advertisements from the supporters of traditional marriage have been criticized for attempting to focus on other issues not directly relevant to the marriage equality question.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten told Fairfax Media that the advertisments were “offensive and hurtful to LGBTI Australians and their families”.

“This is exactly what was predicted when Malcolm Turnbull decided to waste $122 million on a postal survey. He gave the green light to this rubbish,” Shorten said.

“This is not freedom of speech. This is freedom to hurt. I just want to tell LGBTI families that they are not on their own. Most people know this is total rubbish.”

Speaking to the ABC earlier today Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs Zed Seselja said Shorten was trying to shut down debate in the wider ramifications of allowing same sex couples to wed.

Seselja said the Opposition leader was attacking mothers and denying them free speech.

“I think it’s pretty ordinary of Bill Shorten to be attacking mothers who are concerned about the teaching of their children and to call that hate speech. I don’t think that’s hate speech.”

Lyle Shelton, the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, appeared on Melbourne radio station 3AW this morning and argued that marriage equality would lead to ‘radical sex education in schools’.

Host Neil Mitchell challenged Shelton saying the content of the advertising campaign had nothing to do with the marriage debate.

“These are the views of three mothers who have had first had experiences of the Safe Schools program.” Shelton said.

In a fiery exchange, Mitchell said Shelton was taking a “giant leap” by connecting the two issues.

Shelton said the Safe Schools program, transgender rights and marriage equality were part of a “package deal” and could not be considered separately.

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