Senator Fraser Anning’s official Facebook page reinstated

Social media giant Facebook have reinstated the official page of Queensland senator Fraser Anning.

Facebook removed the page earlier in the week, the Queensland Senator, who defected from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to join Katter’s Australia Party, was outraged by the move.

The social media giant declined to say if it took action against the senator’s page because it has attracted complaints but it’s terms of use note that teams of staff are on the lookout for “harmful conduct towards others, and situations where we may be able to help support or protect our community”.

The Senator regularly posts about his opposition to immigration from non European countries, his opposition to school programs that are designed to protect LGBTI youth, and his thoughts about people who are transgender.

In a statement the senator said the decision was an attack on democracy.

“This is absolutely disgraceful; a fundamental tenet of any liberal democracy is free speech. Suppressing someone’s view or opinion just because you disagree with them amounts to nothing more than rank socialism.” Senator Anning said.

In a recent parliamentary speech Senator Anning said the Safe Schools program, which aims to reduce the bullying and marginalisation of LGBTI youth, was “disgusting garbage”. The senator said the program was forcing children to engage in homosexual role playing and was developed by “left wing radicals and sexual deviants.”

Senator Anning said the program had an agenda to subvert society and had a sinister intent.

OIP Staff