Senator Janet Rice pulls out her knitting during question time

The Greens Senator Janet Rice has asked the government about Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s comments suggesting that business leaders should stay out of the marriage equality debate and “stick to their knitting“.

Senator Rice asked why the government was persisting with it’s failed plebiscite plan, before following up with a question about why the government was not listening to the 30 business leaders who wrote the Prime Minister last week.

Senator George Brandis responded blaming Labor and The Greens for blocking the government’s plan to hold a plebiscite on the issue.

Senator Rice asked Senator Brandis if he agreed with Peter Dutton’s comments suggesting CEO’s should “stick to their knitting”, and if Senator Brandis also agreed that politicians should also “stick to their knitting” and bring on a free vote for marriage equality.

Senator Brandis repeated his viewpoint, while Senator Rice pulled out needles, several balls of wool and began to knit. Senator Brandis thanked Senator rice for her “stunt”.

Senator Rice continued to make what appears to be a scarf.

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