Settle in for some Pillow Talk with the ladies of BurLEZque at Fringe World

Fringe World Festival kicks off this weekend, and we’re excited to see a plethora of local and national LGBTQIA+ talents take to the stage around our city.

One such troupe of local queer talent is BurLEZque, and the ladies are making a titilating return to Fringe World with BurLEZque: Pillow Talk.

An exploration of sex, relationships and intimacy through the art of burlesque and a queer lens, Pillow Talk promises a celebration of sexuality created by queer women, for queer women.

We caught up with BurLEZque’s ever-sensational MC, Ginger LaMinge, for a chat about what to expect, and she began by introducing us to the fabulous cast.

“Our troupe is made up of a handful of your local queer burlesque girl-gang: Veruca Sour, Fae Salem, Ava St James, Sammy Sparkles, Ava Royale, Polly St Pearl and myself (Ginger LaMinge).”

“That’s the OG BurLEZque troupe, but we have plenty of honorary members who’ve been guest performers in our shows over the years, or supported us in other ways through their skills in costuming, graphic design, photography and promo.”

In the lead up to the festival, artists and producers are hurrying to put the finishing touches on their work. LaMinge explains the planning process is much more involved than writhing naked in a rehearsal studio.

“Most of our planning and preparation involves all 7 or us typing furiously in Facebook group chats, festival applications, promo packages, tech forms, rehearsal space bookings, writing scripts and furiously scribbling costume designs on napkins,” LaMinge says.

“From the concept development phase to the performance, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to make a show possible. Luckily with a team of seven, we can all bring different skills to the table to get everything done.”

These seven performers each bring their lesbian/queer experiences to the stage in Pillow Talk, and LaMinge says the team have allowed themselves to be a bit more vulnerable this time around.

“As ‘femmes’ within the LGBTIQIA+ community, we can often be presumed ‘straight’ and face a lot of heteronormativity, which can lead to some erasure of our queer identities,” LaMinge continued.

“We are of the belief that there’s no ‘one way’ to be queer, and that all identities and expressions are valid; we explore this throughout the show, and we also just give our audience a glimpse into some of our personal stories and experiences.”

The ladies of BurLEZque are also committed to working with the wider LGBTQIA+ communities when it comes to putting on a show, whether it’s on the stage or behind the scenes.

“It’s important for us to recognise that all 7 of us in the BurLEZque troupe happen to be white, cisgender women, and whilst we can share and celebrate our perspectives on being queer, we can’t represent the whole LGBTIQIA+ community.

“We think it’s really important to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity, and we want to give a platform to as many different queer performers as we can, and support queer businesses when we outsource for photography, costumes, graphic design etc.

“COVID has been tough on everyone in so many different ways, and so, if we can find solidarity and support with our community during these times, it can really help. (Even if it’s just by giving a shout-out to some of our fav Queer Fringe World shows (ahem… Gender Blender Burlesque, Kiara with a K, Justin Sider is D!ckless).”

LaMinge promises BurLEZque: Pillow Talk is a perfect pick for any burlesque newcomers, as well as seasoned fringe-goers.

“You’ll get all of the elements you want from a professional burlesque show – stunning costumes, flashy choreo, and of course the steamy striptease, but with a bit of a difference.

“Our shows also include elements of storytelling, comedy, social commentary and sexuality education. We want our audiences to come and celebrate with us, whatever their identity, and leave feeling joyful and empowered.”

BurLEZque: Pillow Talk will be at the De Parel Spiegeltent in Woodside Pleasure Garden from Tuesday 19th – Monday 25th January. For more tickets and info head to

Leigh Andrew Hill, image: Fuscous Fury

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