‘She’s Terribly Greedy’ confronts future unknowns at The Blue Room

A thrilling, distorting new work by Eliza Smith is coming to The Blue Room Theatre.

She’s Terribly Greedy delves into the mind of 20-year-old Ellenore who can’t decide which future to choose. Seven performers construct and deconstruct Ellenore’s identity, tackling multiplicity and contradiction.

Ellenore asks – “what should I do with my life? … Should I be a parent? A lawyer? A famous actor? Travel the world and be beholden to no-one? Or should I commit my life to others – become an activist and a charity worker?”

She wants to be everything at once. A group of daring WAAPA graduates serve up the multiple identities that one woman wants to inhabit at the same time, ripping open female contradiction and shredding oppressive patriarchal ideologies.

She’s Terribly Greedy is a chaotic, image-focused work that creates a space for a crisis to run rampant. Designed by William Gammel and Lily Murrell, AV, props and costume make a delightful mess on stage, which audiences are welcomed to laugh, rage, and cry at.

Underscored by the composition of Jacob Sgouros, performers Clea Purkis, Donita Cruz, Rachel Adams, Nathan Calvert, Phoebe Eames, Lily Murrell, and Will Bastow yell, eat and throw away the rule book, guided by the direction of Smith and choreographed by Leah Robyn. Join them and embrace contradiction.

“Feminism has long been about communicating women as having multiple different aspects to their identities, and I think we’re moving further into and beyond this,” Smith said of the work.

“We’re walking into an era that encourages us to go beyond definitions, and while this is liberating, it can also be confounding when it comes to figuring out who you are. I’m excited to dig into this with a group of artists who are currently experiencing this phenomenon. The group are ambitious, talented, and ready for anything.”

She’s Terribly Greedy will be at The Blue Room from Jan 27 – Feb 3. For tickets and more information, head to blueroom.org.au

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