Singaporean content creator Titus Low sentenced to prison

Singaporean content creator Titus Low has been given a prison sentence for uploading adult material to his OnlyFans account.

Appearing in court under his full name, Titus Low Kaide was sentenced on Wednesday to three weeks in prison as well as being served a fine of SD$3,000.

The landmark case has seen Singaporean authorities take action for against people uploading content to the popular online platform for the first time.

According to The Straits Times Low was investigated by police for transmitting obscene material in October 2021.

Police were responding to a complaint from a man who said he had found a copy of a video created by Low on the mobile phone of his 12-year-old niece. In the video Low was performing a sex act.

On October 11th, as part of the police investigation, Low was required to hand over the password to his OnlyFans account, as well as the email linked to the account. He was told by police not to access his account.

However, he failed to tell police he also had to account linked to a secondary email, and the same day told OnlyFans that his account had been hacked and asked for his password to be reset.

The following day he uploaded eight pieces of additional content to the platform, with the court ruling the photographs and videos met Singapore’s strict definition of obscene content.

Low also downloaded money from the account to a friend’s bank account. The money was later transferred back to Low.

When police tried to access his OnlyFans account on 26th October they discovered the password had been reset. They confronted Low who admitted he had locked them out. After regaining access to the account police warned him once again that he should not access the platform.

Low ignored the warning for a second time, changed the password, and uploaded an additional 34 photos and videos including content of him performing a sex act.

In court Low pleaded guilty to the charges and explained that he felt a commitment to his audience to continue uploading content. Prosecutors argued that his motivation was more likely financial as records showed he had earned SD$346,475 from his OnlyFans account between April and October 2021.

“He spun an elaborate story about his OnlyFans account being compromised to deceive the platform and regain access to his account. He also breached the police order more than once,” Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran told the court.

The judge issued a the fine in relation to the obscene materials, but said a short jail sentence was required over the obstruction of a police investigation. Low was facing up to six months imprisonment over the obstruction count, and additionally could have received up to three months in jail over the images.

Since the case came to public attention Low has shared his journey on YouTube videos, detailing that his sudden loss of income has resulted him having to return a luxury sports car, and downsize to a smaller apartment.

He has recently married Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin, and the couple are expecting a child. He has also launched a new business venture in Singapore – an ice cream parlour.

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