Singer Kaya Jones delivers anti-trans rant on Twitter

Singer Kaya Jones has delivered an anti-transgender rant on her Twitter account sharing her belief that allowing transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity puts women and children at risk of assault.

Jones posted footage of a gender neutral public restroom and asked her followers how they felt about the existence of gender neutral facilities.

Most people answered her saying they were more worried about there being a woman outside filming who was going in and out of the bathroom.

Jones responded, declaring she was a “gender warrior”, and she believed that who gets to enter into which bathroom should be based on whether you have a “penis or a vagina”.

Jones, whose real name is Chrystal Neria, claims to be a former member of the Pussycat Dolls who left the band before their first album was released. The band have disputed that she was ever a fully fledged member, although her vocals to appear on some tracks on their debut album including early hits Don’t Cha and Sway.

In 2017 she declared the band was really a “prostitution ring” and she was abused on a daily basis. The suggestion has been categorically denied by the band and it’s founders.

When OUTinPerth interviewed the singer back in 2012 she was keen to voice her support for LGBTIQ+ communities having just released a song about a woman who discovers her partner is bisexual.

She told us her track Boyfriend was a response to Katy Perry’s hit I Kissed a Girl. Jones said there was a double standard in society if people were accepting of two lesbians, but repulsed by the idea of two men being together.

Stressing her support for the LGBTIQ+ communities of the world, Jones highlighted that she was volunteering time at GLAAD and pushing to tour parts of the world where sexuality was not celebrated.

Well since we chatted in 2012 Jones seems to have reinvented herself as a committed Christian who supports US President Donald Trump, rallies against abortion, champions gun ownership, complains about immigrants and spends her time policing transgender people using the bathroom.

The singer serves as the Native American representative on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Despite representing Native Americans, it has been suggested that the Canadian born singer does not actually have any Native American ancestry.

Since launching her new career as a conservative commentator Jones has been a regular contributor to right wing news channels including Fox News, Breitbart and Infowars.

It’s not the first time the singer has launched an attack against transgender people. Last year she posted a tweet saying, “You snowflakes are so easily triggered. Remember you guys aren’t sure which bathroom to use well us God loving Americans have 8 trillion bullets pick your battles there guys.”

OIP Staff